Picnic with Cake

Mr. and Mrs. Dog bake two delicious cakes for a picnic with all their animal friends.

But once they arrive at the picnic spot….The cakes are missing!

Picnic with Cake is an animated series and cross-media adaptation of the famous eponymous picture book by Thé Tjong-Khing, published in more than 13 countries. Each episode tells the same central storyline (i.e. the journey to the picnic spot, the discovery of the stolen cakes, the unmasking of the thieves and the happy ending) but from the perspective of a different character. Thus, the series takes the shape of a thriller, a slapstick or a romantic comedy, all tailored to the level of understanding of our target group. The special gives a new revelation with the arrival of Little Fox, the only witness who has seen it all!

Webgames and iPad app are also available!

  • Director: Tom van Gestel, Mercedes Marro and Mascha Halberstad
  • Authors:
    Written by Maarten Lebens, Bart Uytdenhouwen, Llorenς Espaňol
    Based on the book ‘Picnic with cake’ by Thé Tjong-Khing, published by Lannoo Publishers, Tielt

  • Producer: Submarine - Walking the Dog - Tomavistas
  • Format: 13x5' + 1x26'
  • Prizes: The series has already won over 10 Award Nominations to prestigious festivals such as BANFF, Annecy, Zlin, Shanghai, Anima Mundi, SICAF...
  • Broadcasting partners: KRO (Netherlands), VRT (Belgium), DR (Denmark), TV Catalunya, ERR (Estonia), TV2 (Norway), YLE (Finland), SVT (Sweden)
  • Country: Netherlands, Belgium, Spain
  • Language versions: Dutch, English, French, German, Catalan
  • Territories: Worldwide
  • Other:

    Produced with the participation of The Dutch Cultural Media Fund, the VAF/Flanders Film and Media Funds, uFilm, uFund, Tax Shelter of the federal government of Belgium and Tax Shelter investors, Catalan Institute of Cultural Industries, the Media Program of the European Union and Lannoo Publishers.

  • Format: 13x5' + 1x26'
  • Target: preschool
  • Language versions: Dutch, English, French, German, Catalan
  • Director: Tom van Gestel, Mercedes Marro and Mascha Halberstad
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