Clay Time

Clay Time is an animated series mainly for 3-5 year-olds, with an innovative narrative that links early learner stories and manual activities. A Narrator invites young viewers to tag along as she comes up with different animals made out of clay: Clay Time.

Through a series of sweet 5-minute stories, the Narrator and her magic palette of colors help viewers create a fun, colorful world made out of modelling clay.

  • Authors:

    Based on a concept by Muriel Bienenstock, Rénato & Martin Réa

  • Producer: Reaz-JLA Group
  • Format: 30x3' + 30x1'30
  • Broadcasting partners: France Télévisions
  • Country: France
  • Copyright: REAZ © 2017
  • Language versions: French, English
  • Format: 30x3' + 30x1'30
  • Target: preschool
  • Language versions: French, English